About Me

I am a Data Scientist and Mathematical Modeler. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Mathematics at Dartmouth College under the guidance of Feng Fu with expected graduation in June 2024. Prior to joining Dartmouth, I completed both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mathematics at TU Braunschweig in Germany. My research interests lie in application of evolutionary game theory to gain insights into human behavior as well as exploring the interplay between human behavior and disease transmission, with a particular focus on the application of mathematical tools to better understand these phenomena.

Beyond academia, my passion for and dedication to Data Science and programming is showcased through a series of projects:

For a deeper dive into how these projects were brought to life and their integration into this website, you can also explore the technical intricacies and download resources from my GitHub. Additionally, you can find more details about me in my resume or in this interactive Tableau Resume. Finally, here is a list of the artists whose picture I have use from Unsplash.

Email: Alina.Glaubitz.GR(at)Dartmouth(dot)edu